Dr. Brian Tiu


My specialty is vascular surgery. I work with my patients in order to improve their circulation. This will sometimes involve minimally invasive procedures such as an angiogram to open blockages with a balloon or stent to open surgery to remove blockages or perform bypasses.

Vascular surgery was the most interesting field of medicine to me as it is constantly evolving with new treatments and technology. It is a great mix of minimally invasive procedures such as angiograms along with interesting and intricate/delicate surgeries.

When I am off work, I enjoy playing the guitar. I love to run and am slowly getting back into shape to run a 5K.

I attended New Jersey Medical School. Subsequently completed a surgical residency at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY followed by my vascular fellowship at Maimonides Medical Center also in Brooklyn, NY.

I was always interested in medicine but fully realized becoming a doctor was my path upon volunteering in different hospital departments and seeing how much of a difference doctors make in people’s lives.

I have been told by previous patients that they appreciate the time and effort I spend with them regarding their vascular disease and sometimes overall health. I make it a point to explain to my patients the natural course of their disease, where it originates, why it occurs, what they can do to improve it, and what interventions I can offer to fix it. I believe when the patient has full understanding of the disease and when we can work as a team to treat the disease, we obtain the best outcomes.


Vascular Surgery

Endovascular Surgery